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Fascinating Womanhood

Fascinating Womanhood   $7.99 

A guide to a happy marriage. Teaches women how to awaken their husband's devoted love and tenderness. Gives insight into understanding men, their needs and feelings and what's important to them. Teaches the true meaning of femininity and how it differs from masculinity. Provides a role model for women to pattern from, the ideal woman from a man's point of view, the kind men adore. A classic best seller that has sold over two million copies. It has helped millions of women find true happiness in marriage and can do the same for you. 

Fascinating Womanhood (New Edition) $14.00

This new edition of Fascinating Womanhood is now available in book stores and on our website.  Nothing in the text has changed, only the cover design and very high quality  of the paper, print and general appearance.   Retail price is $14.00 plus $3.50 shipping.
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The Fascinating Girl

The Fascinating Girl   $14.50

The single woman's version of Fascinating Womanhood and the Ideal Woman. Teaches women how to win a man's attention and interest, how to avoid mistakes that drive men away, how to awaken his love and inspire a proposal. 

All About Raising Children

All About Raising Children   $18.00

This valuable book will teach you what you must do to provide the kind of home life that will nurture your children. It will teach you how to build the child - his character, self-esteem, social skills and much more, and how to train even a tiny child to be obedient. There is no doubt that this book, when applied, would produce a generation of excellent citizens who would build society in a positive way.

Man of Steel and Velvet $5.99

Depicts the ideal man, with the strong character traits of steel and the gentle qualities of velvet. Helps men understand women and children and how to deal with them effectively. Outlines his God given role in the family and in the world. Gives insights into masculinity and what it takes to be a man.

Teacher's Lesson Guide  $10.00

  Fascinating Womanhood Workbook $15.00

The Fascinating Womanhood Workbook for Students is a fully illustrated supplement to help you understand your strengths and weaknesses, and support the teachings in the book. These two pieces are especially for classes and study groups, but  you can order the workbook for individual self study. 

Japanese Fascinating Womanhood

Japanese Fascinating Womanhood

To get on to the Japanese site go to This will take you to the Japanese site. If you speak Japanese, you can find your way to the order page. Cost of postage for air mailing a book from Japan to the US is 1,200 yen.

The Domestic Goddess Planning Notebook
Contents: $12.50
Binder: $12.95

The Domestic Goddess Planning notebook is a daily guide for organizing all homemaking activities - cleaning, cooking, shopping, phone calls and the many things involved in running a household. It also includes a place for appointments and commitments outside the home. This useful notebook will help you become a more organized person. It takes the frustration out of trying to remember details and then forgetting the important things. You can use your planning notebook for everything you must do or want to do. An excellent gift.

The picture below shows the two main pages of the notebook - the weekly page on the left and the daily page on the right. It contains 52 weekly pages and 320 daily pages. On the back of each weekly page is a menu planner. It also includes 12 monthly pages. The five-divider sections are Planning, Shopping, Expense, Memo and Address. You can order five blank dividers and create your own if you prefer. The contents come in a high quality storage box. The notebook is undated so it can be used any time in the year, as little or often as desired. Dates are written in, referring to an 18-month current calendar that comes with the notebook. The six ring steel binder is covered in a high quality vinyl that comes in two colors - black or ivory. To order, refer to the Order page.

The Domestic Goddess Planning Notebook


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