August 2005

Virginia FW Class
FW Classes: The history of Fascinating Womanhood began in 1962 when I began teaching marriage classes to the women of my community in Fresno, California. This was before I thought of writing a book. It was there I discovered the great need for these teachings. Women of all races, religions and cultures came into my classes, all with the same desperate need for instruction on how to understand their husband's nature, needs and feelings, how to be the Ideal Woman From a Man's Point of View and in so doing win their husband's heart felt love and devotion. When I began writing my book I drew all the wonderful success stories from the classes and laced them through my book.

Then other women requested permission to teach the classes and we soon had a teaching program that included a Teacher's Lesson Guide and a Student workbook. During 1976 and 1977 we had over 700 volunteer teachers across the US, Canada and in a few foreign countries. These classes were taught in churches of all denominations, adult education programs, the YMCA, YWCA, and private homes. The dramatic success of these classes was verification that the principles of Fascinating Womanhood, when understood and practiced, brings forth the happy marriage claimed.

Unfortunately, we do not have the volunteer teachers we had in former times. This is likely due to the many women who feel impelled to work outside the home to help provide the income. Many working mothers are completely innocent of the present demands on them, would much rather stay home and devote themselves to their families, but feel it an urgent necessity to earn the extra income. This reminds me of the time I was doing extensive publicity in the 1970s and was on a TV panel with several Feminists who were crying out for the choice to work. Near the end of the TV interview I faced them with these words: "If you women don't stop crying for the choice to work, you will so upset the economy of this country that the time will come that you will not have a choice. You will have to work". It appears that "this time has come". Women are locked into the working world and are now crying for circumstances to change so they can stay home and serve their husbands and family as domestic goddesses, devoted wives and mothers.

Study Groups: During this time when there are not enough classes available, we are encouraging you to form study groups. You can organize a study group in your area by inviting two or more women to meet with you once a week to study the materials together. After six to eight weeks of study you can form a graduate group to meet once a month for continued support. Teaching materials available for study groups are the Teacher's Study Guide ($10.00) and the Student Workbooks ($15.00) plus a $3.50 shipping fee.

Authorized Teachers: When you have completed a study group, if you feel qualified you can apply to our office for permission to become an authorized teacher. You will need to pass a written test and pay a $6.00 application fee. This will qualify you to teach in a home.

Certified Teachers: After you have become an authorized teacher and taught at least three classes in a home, you will be qualified to apply to become a Certified Teacher. You will then need to pass a more extensive written test and include a recent passport photo of yourself. Following passing the written test, you will need to be interviewed by Mrs. Andelin or an appointed representative, either in person or by phone. When you become a Certified Teacher, you will be eligible to teach Fascinating Womanhood in a church, educational program or outreach program. Certain standards will be maintained for Certified Teachers. There will be more consistent contact between the main office and the certified teacher.

If you have the approval of your minister you do not need permission from the FW office to teach in a church.

To apply to become an authorized teacher, please write to:

Fascinating Womanoood
P.O. Box 219
Pierce City, Missouri 65723

Online Classes:  Online Fascinating Womanhood classes are limited to an enrollment of 20. The eight week course includes a weekly lesson presented by the teacher followed by discussions between the teacher and her students, and the students with each other. You may enter the class any time of the day and any day of the week. The fee for the eight week course is $35.00, which includes an electronic copy of the FW Workbook. After you have downloaded the workbook, punch 3 holes in it and place it in a three-ring loose leaf binder. Or take it to a copy center to have it punched and spiral bound.


Registration: To register for the Online Fascinating Class, please email us the following information:

Your name: ______________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________

Phone: _________________________________________________________

Email address: ____________________________________________________

Enrollment fee:  $35.00.  Pay by credit card, check or money order.


Or call: 1-888-890-1750

Fascinating Womanhood

PO Box 219, Pierce City, Missouri 65723


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